"I am proud there are so many good talent bookers that started their careers at CTB. I often joke we are the talent booking school of America." — Joanna Jordan, CEO & Founder of Central Talent Booking

CTB Alumni have gone on to do meaningful and impactful work in the entertainment industry. Here are some of the things they've had to say about their time with us:

“After completing my internship at the Late Show with David Letterman, I landed my first job at Central Talent Booking. Initially, I started as Joanna's assistant and eventually worked my way up to becoming a booker. Even today, industry colleagues acknowledge that if I could handle being Jo's assistant, I can handle any challenge that comes my way! She is without a doubt the hardest working person in the entertainment industry and a great mentor. I will always cherish my time and the life-long friendships made at 105 Mulberry.”
Richard Parker Principal | RKP MEDIA
“Working for Jo at CTB was the perfect entertainment industry crash course and I'm forever grateful for the lifelong friends I made there.”
Nora Grossman Oscar Nominated Film Producer
“What I loved most about working at CTB was the immediate top-notch professional experience offered within an intimate and warm setting. It was surreal interacting with so many elite resources of Hollywood in the context of Jo's home and community. It felt like an approachable and supportive path into an industry that is notoriously difficult and isolating.”
Serena Ferrari
“I was lucky to cut my teeth at CTB in Los Angeles many years ago. The opportunity that Joanna and her brilliant leadership team afforded me was one of the most significant and valuable eras of my career. I am deeply grateful for Jo's mentorship and carry her wisdom with me to this day. She is a giant among men!”
Nicole Pope Gaia President/CEO, NPG PR
“Working at CTB was one of the most exciting times in my career and truly put me on the map as a high level guest booker. I am so grateful for the experience. Shows that I enjoyed working on the most were “Conversations From The Edge w/Carrie Fisher”; “The Isaac Mizrahi Show”; and The AMFAR gala in France. ”
Kate Post Producer
“What I enjoyed most about my time at CTB was the feeling that I was part of a family. From holding Valentine as a newborn to Jo sponsoring my relay swim across the English Channel. The working experience gave me a wonderful standard by which to measure all that was to come after.”
Jordan Watland Producer at Kelly Clarkson
“I had the honour of working as Joanna's assistant the whole way through her last pregnancy. Wild ride! She kept me on my toes! LOL.Never a dull moment! Amazing woman who is the best in her game. Joanna was tough on me as she believed in me and cared about me. I walked away from my time there with my life together. I am very grateful to Joanna and CTB. To this day I carry everything I learned at CTB. I loved every minute of it. It was an honour. Thank you Joanna and gang! I wish you every success for the CTB into the future and I am very proud of my time at CTB.”
Richard Anthon
“I learned so much at CTB that has continued to help me in my career. Having a female leader at the helm and seeing firsthand how a business runs helped me to eventually launch my own successful nonprofit. I'm forever grateful for working for Jo!”
Jennifer Holder Operations Director
“Working at CTB was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from my coworkers, as well as gaining invaluable experience that serves me to this day.”
Brittany Morrison
“Working at CTB was an absolutely wonderful experience for me.  I loved working with and learning from Jo and being part of the whole team.  I’m so proud to see what Jo has built and cultivated over the decades I’ve known her and I’m proud to be a CTB Alum!”
Wendy Zipes Hunter Co Founder, Prana PR